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What types of ice breaker questions does HotPizza send out?


HotPizza delivers from over a thousand hand-curated work-friendly ice breaker questions that are easy to answer, lightweight and fun.

They range from questions like "What's your tip for productivity when working from home?" to "Do you think that aliens exist?" 👽

What happens after I add HotPizza to Slack?


By default, a private #hotpizza channel in your workspace will be created with just you in it. Then you can invite some of your teammates. HotPizza will send icebreaker questions to this channel on days of the week and time you can customize.

You can also change the default channel and assign HotPizza to any existing channel in your workspace 🙌

Why HotPizza for icebreakers?


Maintaining a cohesive team and personal rapport in a remote or hybrid team setting requires lots of intentional effort. Zoom happy hours, game nights and #watercooler channels are great—but they need lots of nudging, nurturing and care to keep them active and engaged😅

With HotPizza, we want to help facilitate and automate the efforts needed to maintain a thriving culture—for happier and more productive groups of distributed humans 😁

Do you offer any discounts?


Yes. If you run a non-profit, Slack community or have another need for irresistable virtual HotPizza in your organization—we can offer significant discounts😁 Just contact us.

Can my team see everyone's answers without a delay?


Yes. Just set the answer delay to 'no delay' in the app settings.

Is HotPizza only available on Slack?


Yes for now. MS Teams version is on the roadmap 👍

Can I customize the timing for HotPizza questions?


Yes! You can set questions to be sent daily or several times a week. You can of course set the time as well as add custom questions and more ⚡️